The Path to Healing Retreat

Discoveries that await you in this retreat are:

✨access to vitality, ache free, and pain free life!
✨scientifically proven microbiome’s healing power.
✨tips and tricks to easely incorporate Living Cuisine in your daily meals.
✨Eurythmy, a transformative holistic modality of harmonizing body, soul and spirit.
✨delightful side effects of more joy, more vitality and youthfulness.
✨ event recording, recipes
✨ Organic Living Cuisine Lunch and Dinner

Meet your Teachers

Chef Agathe
You will discover my secrets to 20 years of radiant vitality, and my ache free, pain free, and autoimmune disease free life!

I’ve been on the Living Cuisine scene for the last 20 years, 8 of which were dedicated to my café, Café by Tao. I’m thrilled to share my practical approach, tips and tricks to creating Living Cuisine.

You will learn …
🥕proven technics tested with my sous-chef at my café.
🥕the magic of creating meals in minutes.
🥕recipes that create multiple dishes, like getting 3 for the price of one.
🥕how to reduce cooking time and increase your menu choices.
🥕tips and tricks to navigate the resistance of people in your entourage.
🥕how to fuel your microbiome, which is your doctor on call 24/7.
🥕how to incorporate Living Cuisine into your daily meals.

Ruth Tschannen

Ruth’s 30 years of Eurythmy teachings will mesmerize you as you learn about centering through this  “Art of Movement” founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1912.

Now, over a hundred years later, this movement is practiced in many parts of the world.

You will …
💫 explore exercises that center and harmonize your energies.
💫 learn how the sounds sounds are imaginations inspired by the wisdom of the universe. 
💫 learn how the sounds of our language are archetypes; hence, eurythmy can be done in any language.
💫 learn eurythmy, tune your body to the gift of its inner healing.

“Everything flows” is an ancient mantra known since eons. Come and join us to explore this together!

Invest in your Wealth of Health!

Join in person or virtual, either way, we would love to have you with us 💖

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Limited Seating (10) for In Person Participants
In Person $397 or Virtual $97
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10am – 6pm
Sunwolf Resort, Brackendale,BC

Join in person or virtual, either way,
we would love to have you with us 💖