Yellow Split Peas Activated


Activated and Ready to cook – meaning they have been soaked for 24hrs, rinsed and dehydrated.  This process breaks down the phytic acid and other anti-nutrients to make them more digestible and nutrients become bioavailable.

Split peas are often confused with lentils. While they both belong to the family of legumes, split peas are different from lentils.

Like the name suggests, split peas are field peas. They are grown specifically for drying, whereas lentils are harvested as seeds and then dried. Once the peas are dried, the outer skin is removed and they are split in half.

There are two main types of split peas: green and yellow. Both are nutritious and hearty, but they differ in flavor. Green split peas are more sweet, and yellow peas are more mild. Yellow split peas are also more starchy.

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