Salad Shaved Brussels Sprouts & Dijon Vinaigrette 240g


Brussel Sprouts Salad & Dijon Dressing
This recipe contains 15 different plant fibers to keep our microbiome busy working away at keeping us healthy!

The only item not included in the salad is the avocado, simply because it needs to be added at the time of eating your salad.


40g Purified water20g Cashews or Sunflower seeds
14g Lemon Juice cold-pressed
20g Apple Cider vinegar
4g Dijon mustard
3g Garlic minced
pinch of Salt
few turns of fresh cracked peppercorn

100g Shredded Brussel Sprouts
60g Bell Pepper diced
60g Cauliflower shaved
30g Walnuts activated and chopped
20g Sprouted Quinoa
20g Green Onion thinly sliced
Keeps refrigerated 3 days

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