Cooked & Raw – Pad Thai Bowl 300g


A bowl of Goodness!
Our Pad Thai Bowl covers so many “must” have in a day!   Lots of fiber for prebiotics and Sauerkraut for probiotics contributing to our healthy gut flora.  Quinoa, a complete protein, and Gaia Protein Bites are sprouted; the sprouting process leads to the degradation of antinutrients making the nutrients bio available and fully nourishing our body.  Kelp noodles supplies an excellent organic source of iodine in our diet since our body doesn’t produce it.  Lacinato Kale is a nutrient-dense-food packed with antioxidants; we chiffonade our kale making it tender like butter lettuce.  To top it off, the tamarind in our dressing is so pleasing to our taste buds … it’s a Bowl of Goodness!

Love, cooked sprouted quinoa*, chiffonade Lacinato kale*, purple cabbage*, julienne carrots*, kelp noodles*. Gaia Bites; sprouted walnuts*, sprouted almonds*, sprouted sunflower seeds*, bell pepper*, celery, cold-pressed olive oil*, cold-pressed ginger juice*, seasoning*.   Pad Thai dressing; tamari wheat free*, cold-pressed lime juice*, tamarind*, sprouted sunflower seeds*, sprouted almond butter*, sesame oil*, sunflower seed oil*.  Organic Raw Ingredients*

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