Mushroom Marinated 200g


You can add our marinated mushrooms to any dish! My oldest son would add these to his ice cream. They’re that delicious! When you want to add some umph to your dish, just add our marinated mushrooms. They are to live for!

They would help you easily upgrade Alfredo Sauce, burgers, lasagna, pizza… the possibilities are endless.
Crimini mushrooms are a great source of many vitamins and trace minerals, including vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin B5. These are needed to fuel the brain, aid in cognitive health and help prevent fatigue.

Criminis provide carbohydrates and protein, but don’t have any fat. They’re low in calories. They contain a significant amount of helpful bacteria. Some of this bacteria is beneficial to the microbiome found in the human digestive tract.
These mushrooms also contain polysaccharides, which help white blood cells be more active and fight infections.

Please re-use or return the jar and lid in a sealed bag.

Love*, Crimini Mushrooms*, Tamari wheat free*, cold-pressed olive oil*, garlic powder*, onion powder*.  Organic raw ingredients* exception of Tamari is pasteurized.

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