Gaia Burger


ckick on this link   Vegan Living Burger vs Beef Burger
Which one do you think is best for your health? 🧐

Our Gaia patties are a great source of protein, iron, manganese and magnesium to name a few. They’re dehydrated and ready-to-eat or brush them with barbecue sauce and warm them up for 3 minutes serve in a burger bun if you like. Either way they’re delicious and satiating!👍

😋Organic Ingredients always; Love, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, alfafa
Gaia Burger; activated walnuts, sprouted almonds, sprouted sunflower seeds, bell pepper, celery, olive oil, cold-pressed ginger juice, seasoning.
Chili; tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, currants, cold-pressed lemon juice, seasoning.
Dill Nut Cheese; filtered water, sprouted almonds, macadamia, cold-pressed lemon juice, garlic, celery, dill, Himalayan salt.

😎See super important info below.

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