Sprouted Falafel Bites 19/pack


Falafel un-fried!
Yes, yes, yes! Delicious but not fried! There is such a thing!

Crunchy on the outside, moist and zesty on the inside! Our falafel Bites can be added to buddha bowls, tacos, wraps, zucchini pasta or simply eaten on their own.

You can warm them up and add them to your pasta or to your steamed vegetables. Heat them in the oven for 5–8 min at 400F or add to your pasta sauce 4-5 minutes before it is done cooking. They are nutrient-dense and a great source of protein. Children love them too!

We sprout our chickpeas and sunflower seeds.  The process takes 2 days which makes the nutrients bio-available to our body.  We rinse, soak overnight , rinse again , sprout for 24 hours and make the Falafel Bites then or freeze the sprouted chickpeas.  And for the sunflower seeds, they are dehydrated 24 hours. You’ll also find that it facilitates our digestion.

Love,sprouted chickpea*, sprouted sunflower seeds*, cilantro*, tahini*, cold-pressed lemon juice*, seasoning*.  Organic Raw Ingredients*

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