Biscuits Garlic 160g


Our Garlic Biscuits and Croûtons are made with the almond pulp from making our Sprouted Almond Mylk. To that we add a generous amount of onion and garlic powder.

Two crucial steps must be followed to make these delicious Biscuits and Croûtons:
First, it has to be made with the pulp so the sweet taste of the almonds is left in the mylk, we then have a more neutral flavor that supports the pungency of the garlic. The variety of almonds matters greatly, ours come from Real Raw Food and are soaked, rinsed and sprouted. Second step is in the shaping of the Biscuits and Croûtons, it must be done with a light touch to keep the dough aerated. During dehydration small air pocket are created so the biscuit or crûoton will melt in your mouth.

Add to your salads, tacos, wraps, soups or simply as a snack. Healthy comfort food, you will love it!

Love, sprouted almonds*, golden flax*, celery*, garlic powder*, onion powder*, cold-pressed olive oil*, basil*, Himalayan salt.  Organic Raw Ingredients*

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