Salad Arugula Radcchio & Balsamic Almond Vinaigrette 240g


Leve 1 salad … What??

It means the entire dish is in it’s natural state, from garden to plate, even the dressing contains no oil.
Please see note at the bottom of the page on Level 1, 2, 3, 4 group foods.

Arugula Raddichio & Balsamic Almond Vinaigrette
100g Frisée cut up
70g Raddichio cut up
60g Cauliflower fleurettes
40g Baby Arugula
20g Leek thinly sliced
5g Italian Parsley leaves
Keep refrigerated 4 days

Balsamic Almond Vinaigrette
110g Water purified
70g Balsamic vinegar
35g Raisins
30g Almonds sprouted
5g Garlic fresh
1tsp Oregano dried
.5tsp Basil dried
.5tsp Onion powder
Blend, keep refrigerated 2 weeks
Dr. Furhman’s recipe

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