Amano Tamari Wheat Free – 500ml


A legacy of producing high-grade, artisanal Japanese food products.

Since 1939, the Amano family name has stood for quality in naturally brewed soy sauce and miso. Drawing on three generations of Japanese brewing traditions, Amano’s products are carefully aged, resulting in a superior finish here in Vancouver.

On the surface, tamari seems quite similar to soy sauce. However, tamari is a Japanese sauce which is a byproduct of fermenting soybeans to make miso. It generally is darker in colour, stronger tasting, and has less salt than Chinese soy sauces. Amano ages their tamari for up to a year, resulting in a delicate finishing taste. This wheat-free tamari is excellent in any recipe that calls for soy sauce – salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and to dip sushi and gyoza.

Ingredients: Water, soy beans, salt, brewing starter (aspergillus oryzae), alcohol.

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