Love Food that Loves You Back!

Are you lacking energy and vitality? Battling with aches and pain, fatigue, excess weight, inflammation, bloating, brain fog …? 

I hear you, I was there too. What if you were to feed your body so nutritiously you could take on any activities you like, run, hike, bike, travel, enjoy your life! The food you choose to eat is the answer!

I know a thing or two I can teach you to fix that!

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Living Cuisine Academy

🍃You will be guided into an easy scrumptious culinary experience.

🍃You’ll learn how to tweak the recipes to seduce the palate of all members of your family, friends and entourage.

🍃All recipes are free of processed sugar, gluten free, allium free and low sodium.

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What is my Investment?

How much has your lack of energy, vitality been costing you?

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“The passion and enthusiasm for living foods is teeming from every cell of Agathe the minute you meet her. I am blown away with her dedication and work ethic in bringing amazing, delicious living foods to her community. Now, more then ever, the power of food-as-medicine is relevant and necessary.”

James Sant / Plant Food culinary Art

“Tested, tried and true, Agathe’s recipes are easy to follow, no fuss and unfailingly delicious. Her videos have provided me with the knowledge I needed to create her specific recipes as well as tips in cooking to carry forward. These helpful tips and expertise in kitchen tools have made cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience with a delectable and appealing dish to enjoy in the end.”

Colleen Moore / BC, Canada

“Agathe’s online courses have been a godsend in helping me incorporate raw vegan food to my dietary repertoire. Her recipes are tasty and easy for beginners like me. By adding living food to my own eating habits. I have experienced less of that afternoon slump and I don’t snack as much as before. Moreover, I’ve had less flare-ups ofmy eczema! Agathe is so welcoming, down-to-earth and so fun to watch. I strongly recommend this course to everyone!!!”

Daphne Cuizon / Washington, USA

“What master Julia Child did to French Cuisine, Agathe brings to Living Cuisine.

Pure joy and fresh meals for goodness and happiness.”

Vicki Atlas / Inner Peace Time

30 day money back Guarantee!

You will be astonished at how easy it is to create the tastiest vegan dishes ever! In fact, you will get delicious healthy results, or I’ll give back every penny you paid.

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